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(1): Ted's Jumbo Tropical Fish Collection : Pacu,  Redtail catfish, Tiger Shovelnose catfish,  Arowana, Giraffe catfish;

(2) Ted's Outdoor
2,400 gallon Aquarium in the back yard,

(3) Ted's Koi Pond
Construction photos
(4) Outdoor Tropical fish Aquarium Tank and Filter Construction Replacement 3500 gallon temporary tank Photos

The kids raise a Seagull in 1970
The bird and children were inseparable

(6) Shipment of large Amazon River Basin catfish: Tiger Shovelnose (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum) & Marbled Sailfin (Leiarius pictus) to the new Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta


Washington Koi and Water Garden Society
web site:

Hybrid Redtail Tiger Shovelnose
on the operating table at Pilchuck
Veterinary Hospital in Snohomish
Washington.  Surgery Photos...

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New March 20, 2006
Catfish Surgery to
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(7) Talking to some big
catfish in outdoor aquarium
More Big Fish in 2400





(8) Ted in classroom with
Darwin the African Lungfish

(9) Arapaima Gigas

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